Processing Biomass Technologies - Pellet production

The basic profile of DORAN activity, that through the years of experience has been constantly developed, are services related to the production of highly processed ecological fuel as pellet. There are a lot of words in Polish vocabulary that describe the same product, ie pellet granules oil, dust pellets, sawdust pellets. The last two the difference is only with usage to product other type of raw material.

What is Pellet ?


Pellet is acylindrical shape fuel material which length varies from 30 to 80 mm and its diameter varies from 5 to 12 mm. It is an excellent energy carrier for both big boilers as well as private houses. Thanks to very good ecological balance and easy access it is appropriate for everyone who wants to heat modern, confidently, comfortably and what is not less important – environment friendly.

Currently, there are few types of pellets available on the market:

  • straw pellets (agro pellet, biomass agro pellet),
  • sawdust pellets (wood pellet),
  • sunflower husks pellet.

The products mentioned above differ with following:

  • type of granular biomass,
  • calorific value,
  • ash content,
  • elements content,
  • humidity,
  • price.

In most cases the differences between the values of different types of pellets are very significant. However, the production peocess of each type of granule is very similar and involves subjecting any biomass under following processes:

  1. Pre-grinding of the raw materials,
  2. Drying (or not) of the biomass, what is depended on the used technology,
  3. Accurate fragmentation of the raw material,
  4. Pressing,
  5. Cooling – shipping.

Our contribution

As mentioned at the begining of the site our company specializes in technologies related to production of ecological fuel as pellet for a long time.

In our offer you will find services related to:

  • Designing technological lines for producing pellet (fuel granules) from any biomass
  • Comprehensive conduction of investment related to construction of entire processing plants, from biomass into fuel pellet, into which constitution comes:
    • Develop construction outlines,
    • Develop technological project,
    • Supervision of installation of machinery and equipment,
    • Performing start-up technology,
    • Optimization of the production process and costs associated.
  • Modernisation of existing pellet plants, including:
    • Changing the production profile from wood waste into agro biomass (sawdust -> straw),
    • Changing the production profile from agro biomass into wood waste (straw-> sawdust),
    • Automation and optimization of the production process.
  • Assistance in the realization of non-standard investments related to granulation.

Why should you choose us ?

There are many answers to this question, where are some key arguments:

  • ample experience in all activities of A.R. DORAN,
  • years of practice in power plants exploiting agro pellet and deforested biomass,
  • successful implementation of numerous investments that hence positive reviews and recommendations of our customers.

Beyond these issues that are deliverables of long activity the most important argument used by our customers is that DORAN GROUP never was, is or will be a manufacturer of machinery and equipment.

Our task is to perform on the side and on behalf of our client.

The vast majority of companies operating in the industry and related to pellet production technologies are also manufacturers of machinery and equipment so the manufacturers of the entire process lines.

Each time that DORAN works on an investment, it provide the customer advantages and disadvantages of the technology. Moreover, thanks to years of experience in exploitation of different types of equipment we are able to advice the customer which product or solution will be cheaper in exploitation what is one the the key issues during the further work of the plant.

We encourage you to cooperate with us !