Energy Crops Plantations - Miscanthus giganteus

In order to provide our customers the most professional and comprehensive service in the field of sourced energy from widely understood biomass we introduced to our range of services related to Miscanthus energy plantations.

History in a few words...

Andrzej Rogulski, the owner of DORAN company is one of first Poles who saw Miscanthus’ 'energetic' potential which led to establishment of its first plantation of parent plants in 1998.Since then , we constantly gain, produce and redistribute seedlings all over the country as well as beyond its borders.

With over 15 years of experience in running a plantation, our company is able to offer not only the Miscanthus plants, but also comprehensive services concerning, inter alia:

  • Excavation and production of seedlings in foreign plantations
  • Assumptions, and later in time, consultancy in conducting giant of Miscanthus plantations
  • Consultancy concerning granulation technology (pelletization) of Miscanthus and other grasses for energy purposes

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