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Over the years the basic profile of  A.R. Doran comapany was provision of the services related to agro and deforestation biomass pelletization. However, due to the requirement to obtain by Poland and other UE countries the apropriate levels of RES in the energy balance of the country we see more and more interest of renawble energy technologies. At this point our company cannot remain on the side. To provide our customers with proffessional and complex service in biomass energy industry we constantly expand our offer of additional services and products.

We present our offer that was divided into apropriate sections connected with generating the heating and electricity from biomass.

Biomass Processing Technologies - Production of Pellet

  1. Designing lines for biomass processing plants(plants producing pellets) includes:
    • agro biomass pellets (straw, hay, grasses, energy crops),
    • wood biomass pellets (sawdust, chips).
  2. Design and construction supervision of biomass processing plants for solid fuel (pellet) includes:
    • Development of guidelines of construction,
    • Technological project of the plant,
    • Supervision of installation of machinery and equipment,
    • Execution of start-up technology,
    • Optimization of production process and costs associated.
  3. Modernisation of existing plants:
    • Changing the profile of production from wood waste into agro biomass (sawdust-> straw),
    • Changing the profile of production from agro biomass into wood waste (straw-> sawdust),
    • Automation and optimalization of the production process.

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Energy Crops Plantations

  1. Expert advice on the establishment and further exploitation of energy plantations – Miscanthus, including:
    • Sale of Miscanthus Giganteus seedlings,
    • Advice on the establishement of Miscanthus plantations,
    • Sale of machinery and equipment for production of Miscanthus root cuttings,
    • Consulting in the field of exploitation and obtaining root cuttings.

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Burning Biomass Technologies – Power Plants, Power Stations and Boilers

  1. Consulting on projects related with designing and building power plants for biomass, including:
    • Specialist advice on the modernization of existing boilers in order to adjust them to be powered with pellet,
    • Advice with projects related to building power plants for biomass.

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